Granite and Marble Shop

Granite and Marble are natural products that have formed over years and years. The stone is extracted from the straight from the Earth and is completely Natural.

On the other hand, Quartz is a manmade product. Quartz is made up of over 90% natural quartzite from the Earth, that is crushed up and mixed with colours, resins and sealants; this makes up the other 10%.

Next to diamond, sapphire and ruby, granite is the hardest natural product on earth. Once polished, natural granite will maintain it’s high gloss almost indefinitely. The vast range of granites available from all over the world will mean that you would find the right colour for you and of course, as it is natural, every slab is unique!


We do everything. This  includes template, fabrication and installation. 

Please do. We have an extensive range of Granite, Quartz & Marble on show.

At our Reddish site we have full slabs of Granite & Quartz on show.

Also, we have plenty of Granite and quartz on show at ourGreat Moor Showroom. Come and visit the Granite Gallery or see beautiful worktop displays.

No you don’t. Unlike Granite that may need sealing after 12-18 months, Quartz is manufactured with sealant in it.

Marble, though beautiful to the eye and cool to the touch is not the best-suited material for kitchens.  Marble is vulnerable to household acids and when in contact with these products the polished finish is damaged.  Marble is also a “softer” stone than granite and can scratch more easily than other stones. 

Upstands create a smooth joint between the worktops and the wall. The up stands are in the same material as your worktops.

A splash back keeps the area behind the hob clean and tiny. With it being in stone it matches your worktops and is easy to maintain.

We sure do…in fact we have lots of them.

if you’re looking for a small piece of stone Granite, Quartz or Marble then look no further. Whether it be for a Hearth, Vanity top or shelf we are sure we will have something to suit.

Or is it a table you’re after? If so then contact All In Stone and design a bespoke table just for you.