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Astracast Sinks


Astracast sinks are designed to offer easy clean and stain resistant products.  Offering a range modern kitchen appliance made from 1810 stainless steel, ROK Metalic, Ceramic or Granite ROK.

ROK Metalic : a material made from a mixture of metalic particles and granite. The resulting sink has a strinking contmeporary look. Available in volcano black, graphite grey or chocolate metalic.

Granite ROK : designed to combine hardworking peformance with good looks and made from real quartz silica with a tectured appearance. ROK sinks are available in a variety of natural colours, opal white, sahara beige, island sand and sylvanite grey.

Stainless Steel : Available in three finishes polished, brushed and linen all designed to compliment modern kitchen appliances.

Ceramic : Finished in fireclay these are cool and silky to the touch with a  hard non porous  surface giving resistance to comonly used chemicals and detergents.