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Will Granite Scratch or Chip?

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Below are just a few of the basic questions most customers need answering when contemplating purchasing granite work tops.  We also provide a more details FAQ page which is worth reading.


Will granite chip or crack?

Like any solid surface, high impact blows can damage or chip the surface. The most common areas for damage to occur are around the sink or at the edge of the granite. These are usually as a result of heavy objects being dropped on the granite. Dependant on the colour of the granite they may not be visible but may be felt.  Chips are easy to repair, if you can save the chip or alternatively a coloured epoxy resin can be used to fill in small areas.

Granite is most susceptible to cracking during shipping and should not crack with normal use.

You should never stand or sit on your granite worktop (this would not be classed as normal use)

What is etching?

This occurs when acid in some form comes into contact with the polished surface. 

Is granite priced according to its quality or grade?

There are several factors to consider.  Sometimes granite that is very exotic will be quite highly priced because of its uniqueness; where as a standard black granite may be relatively low in price by comparison.  There are also risk factors to consider such as will the remaining stone by suitable for selling or is there a high risk it will be fragile to cut because of its composition.  We source all our stone from well established and trusted firms and never compromise on quality.

I have heard that granite can have pits in it, will mine?

As granite is a natural product and has a crystalline structure therefore pitting does naturally occur. These pits are tiny spaces between the various mineral crystals and are not structural defects in the stone. These form part of the unique characteristics of this natural product and will not impair the durability or beauty of the stone.

If I put a hot pot on my granite will it burn?

Normal use will not burn your granite.  However, if you place a red-hot pan onto granite you can damage the finish, resulting in a mark on your worktop.  Our recommendation is to always use a pan trivet.

Can scratches be repaired or removed?

Scratches can be filled and polished dependant on the size and situation in the granite. 

What are quartz worktops?

These are manmade work tops by manufactures such as Silestone, Ceasar Stone, Compact, Quarella and Technistone to name a few.

Are quartz worktops cheaper and better than granite?

No, it really is a matter of personal choice. Both are hard and durable though quartz colour pallet is greater as it is not a natural product and can be died to all the colours of the rainbow.   With regard to price they can be on a par or vary greatly dependant on the particular colour or composition of the granite.  It is always worth comparing when you are at the planning stage if you are undecided.