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Granite is perhaps one of the most wonderful products quarried from  the earth.  Each slab of granite has its own individual elements and characteristics which can influence your choice.  Even slabs hewn from the same quarry consecutively can vary, so you can be sure there is character to discover by seeing the slabs in there entirety if the opportunity arises. 

The choice of granite is perhaps one of the biggest decisions made during your project and we understand that.  It is an important step for you in reaching your ultimate aim, new worktops in a room which is central to family life. Time invested at the beginning of that journey in getting your choice of granite right is well worth the effort.  Please take the time to look at some of  our range either by price (our granite is banded from 1 - 5 for ease of reference. With  band 1 being our least expensive,we also have a price on application band ), colour or simply browse through the listed granites below as a starting point for you.

We not only stock full slabs of the more popular granites such as Star Galaxy Black , Angolan Black, Baltic Brown but are also able to provide more exotic granites such as Azul Macauba, Amadeus Blue to Labrador Antique. So if you  can't seem to find what you are looking for please contact us either by email or telephone. Alternatively, why not drop in and meet us at our showroom / factory in Stockport where you can see just how the fabrication of  worktops takes place as well as look at the full slabs of granite in stock. You will be amazed at just how magnificent they look ....

Granite worktops give a stunning finish to any cupboards , it is easy to maintain with its durability and strength lasting you  a life time. If you follow  a few simple housekeeping and care guidance points,  your granite will remain as lovely as the day it was installed.  Our vast knowledge of granite and its care is at your disposal and we have also provided a FAQ page to assist you with all those questions floating in the mix about granite.